Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Challenge Accepted

I would like to give an introduction explaining the objective of this blog. Anyone who knows me knows there has to be a reason why I would go out of my way to read any type of literature, let alone write my own. So, let me explain, a few weeks ago I was on the phone with JD (my step-mom), we were filling each other in on the recent events of our lives when she brought up a neat idea a friend told her. She chuckled as she was telling me the idea but proceeded, her friend told her about a Photo Challenge, "post one photo a day". I was intrigued immediately and took the next couple weeks to contemplate whether this is something I would want to do, my final verdict...YES.  The premise is simple, yet, it provoked a fire in me I wish to stoke. Lately, I have been feeling the need to document the happenings of my life, not because I think I am the most interesting person in the world. Not all of us can be as cool as the XX man from the commercials...but I would like to see my reasons for traveling complied in a continuous electronic "scrap book" depicting cultures outside the US as well as landscapes and historic places. I wish in addition to my photos I could install a "click and sniff" button and/or incorporate music to each entry to give the reader the full experience of my daily life. Maybe one day in my futuristic blog I will be able to but I digress. From this point forth (December 25th, 2012), I shall begin my challenge and post a picture a day with a brief and concise explanation of each entry.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an awkward family photo. The girls and I are spending our first Christmas together in Puerto Varas, Chile. We had a lovely dinner made by Leslie's boss/ the owner of the guest house she works at. 

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